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Back-to-School: Carrie's Story

“My momma didn’t want me to go to school.”

Carrie was nine years old and could not read or write when she came to your Baptist Children’s Village last fall. Carrie’s houseparent, Ellen, said, “She didn’t know all the letters to the alphabet or even how to pronounce many of them.”

This precious little girl came from living conditions you and I can’t even imagine. Carrie lived in a filthy three-room house with her mother and grandmother. On the days they had food, it was only cereal. The electricity was often disconnected for not paying the bill. Carrie’s mother would be gone for long periods of time. When her mother was at home, there were often strange men around who scared Carrie.

Because of your support, Carrie was rescued from hunger, abandonment, squalor, and fear. She was placed in the safety of one of your BCV cottages and wow did her life change. Carrie is so excited to be at your BCV. She has her own room, eats all she wants, and feels safe for the first time in her life.

Your gifts also provided the special tutoring that Carrie needed to catch up. Her reading has improved 90 percent. Now 10 years old, she is finally learning to read and write. Carrie is currently on a second-grade level and hopes to go on to the third grade this fall.

“Teachers come out to the car when I pick her up from school saying how much she has improved and how well she’s doing. She can now read a simple book,” said Ellen. “Carrie loves to read. She tells me, ‘I just want to be like all the other kids.’”

School is only weeks away, and our children need your continued support. Not only Carrie, but all the children at your BCV campuses. Please take a moment and consider a donation to help provide school clothes, backpacks, and so much more for the start of school. Your gift will also help with expenses for tutors and reading specialists for Carrie and others.

When you give, lives are changed. Carrie has a new life because of you. Best of all, she is going to church and learning about Jesus. She has made many friends and loves to sing in the children’s choir. “I feel Carrie is on the right path, and I think God is touching her heart. She’s really thinking about being saved. God is doing a work in her heart–He really is,” Ellen said.

Please make your gift today, so all our children will be ready for the start of school. Pray for Carrie, as God works in her heart, that she will soon accept Jesus as her Savior. Thank You!

Your gift to The Baptist Children’s Village can qualify for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Contact your tax professional to find out more. Your support will help Carrie have another great school year.

*Names and photos may have been changed to protect privacy.