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How do I report child abuse or neglect?

The child abuse hot-line is 1-800-222-8000.

How many children do you care for?

The Baptist Children's Village can care for almost 100 children at one time.  We typically care for about 200 children each year.

What services are available for children at The Baptist Children's Village?

  • Residential Christian environment
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Academic tutoring
  • Conflict management

How old are your children?

We have children in our care from the ages of 1 to 20.  Children must come to us before their 18th birthday, but can stay until they turn 21.

From where do your children come?

Many children come as a result of private placements, by families themselves seeking help. Children are also referred to this ministry by public child protection agencies and pastors. 

Where do your children worship and attend school?

The Baptist Children's Village has seven residential campuses in Mississippi.  Children worship at host churches in the community where their campus is located.  Often children are afforded other worship experiences on their campuses or through church sponsored retreats. Children also participate in daily cottage devotionals.  

Children attend public school in the community where their campus is located.  Additional academic assistance is provided as needed for each child to succeed academically.

Are the children allowed to visit with their families or other visitors?

All visits, on and off campus, will need to be planned in advance with the appropriate BCV staff member assigned to the child.  Normally, residents may visit off-campus one or two weekends a month.  The BCV encourages and supports healthy family relationships.

What does it cost to place a child at The Baptist Children's Village?

The BCV does not charge families a fee.  However, we often ask the family to invest in the welfare of their child by contributing to their care, according to their financial ability to do so.

Will a parent or legal guardian lose custody of the child if they are placed at The Baptist Children's Village?

No.  When a parent or custodian voluntarily places a child at The BCV and has legal custody of the child, a Transfer of Physical Custody is all that is needed.  This allows us to enroll a child in school, take care of their medical needs, and represent them in non-custodial affairs.  Legal custody remains with the legal guardian.  What does that mean?  You are still the parent or legal guardian and can remove your child from The BCV at anytime.