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If you are a parent, grandparent, public agency representative or a representative from any referring agency who needs the services of The BCV, the following information will direct you through the necessary process.

Admission Procedures

The legal custodian of the child should fill out the online form to request an application for admission or call (601) 952-2422 ext 310 and ask to speak with the Intake Specialist

The Intake Specialist will ask several questions and discuss whether your child or family are candidates for a program of care at The Baptist Children's Village, or if a referral to another resource would better meet your family's need.

If Residential Care is appropriate, an application is mailed or faxed to the legal guardian of the child or children.

When a completed application is returned, with any other requested documents, an Intake Study is scheduled.  The study is conducted by the Intake Social Worker and is approximately two hours in length.  The legal custodian and child or children will need to be present.

After the intake study is complete the Intake Social Worker will present the application to the Admissions Committee which meets weekly.

The Admissions Committee is a team of professionals experienced in child care who will determine if the needs of the child can best be served by The BCV or advise the family of an alternate placement.

If the Dorcas Program is appropriate, an Intake Specialist will send the information about your family to the Director of Non-Residential Programs, after which you will be contacted directly for enrollment in the program, or with a referral to another resource that would better meet your family's need.