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Campus Projects and Needs

Campus Projects & Needs

Volunteers are an integral part of this ministry. Indeed, it is because of the generosity of thousands of volunteers throughout our history that The Baptist Children's Village has been able to provide quality care for countless children. Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities at each campus.  To contact someone about these projects, click the campus name to send an email.  You may also contact Chrystelle Thames, Director of Communication at 601-952-2422.

Click here to download Project Ideas

Deanash Campus, Wiggins
Charlie Rogers, Campus Director

Preplace chain link fence around campus perimeter
New shingle roof on the two cottages

Dickerson Place Campus, Brookhaven
Joyce Wilson, Campus Director

Earl House 
Replace shower unit in resident bathroom  $300.00
8 indoor light fixtures(to replace older units)  $75.00(each)
6 outdoor light fixtures (to replace older units)  $75.00 (each)

DP office
Replace shingle roof  $10,000.00
Replace/repair rotten areas with hardy board  $2,000.00
Paint outside of building  $1,200

Repairs/painting to tractor shed (older part)  $1,500.00

Farrow Manor Campus, Coldwater
Shane Ashley, Campus Director

Sidewalks connecting all cottages and office
Fountain feature or a center piece in center of campus for sidewalks to meet
Renovate basement of Kelly Cottage.
Batting cage net
New ceilings in cottages
Pave road

India Nunnery Campus, Florence
Kimberly Reed, Campus Director

Nunnery Cottage 

Metal carport awning
10x12 and 5x7 matching rugs
Towels and bath cloths

Hester Cottage

Large patio table with chairs and umbrella
Window blinds 
Curtains for residents rooms

Powell-Walley Campus, Waynesboro

Landscaping maintenance

Reedy Acres Campus, Water Valley
Shane Ashley, Campus Director

Renovate two off-duty apartments
Replace one pond pier
Batting cage net
Scrape off popcorn ceilings in all cottages to make them smooth for painting
Expand parking lot by three to four feet