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Mission Projects

Mission Projects

Volunteers are an integral part of this ministry. Indeed, it is because of the generosity of thousands of volunteers throughout our history that The Baptist Children's Village has been able to provide quality care for countless children. Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities at each campus.  To contact someone about these projects, click the campus name to send an email.  You may also contact Chrystelle Thames, Director of Communication at 601-952-2422.

Click here to download Monthly Project Ideas

Campus Projects

Deanash Campus, Wiggins

Weed fence row 
Pressure wash cottages
Trim hedges
Mulch spread under treehouse
Clean-out older storage building, organize, and move to new on-site storage building
Replace/repair leaky faucets
Run electrical power to a storage building
Exterior door to be replaced
Exterior painting


Dickerson Place Campus, Brookhaven

Earl Cottage

Repair dresser drawer slides in residents’ bedrooms
Paint bathroom area in House Parents’ quarters
Repair leaking toilet and repair rotted flooring in upstairs bathroom
Paint food pantry shelves & walls
Paint food pantry floor 
Caulk exterior windows 
Repair bricks on corner of porches & side steps with mortar mix

O’Neal Cottage

Replace 1 fluorescent light fixture in bathroom
Replace 2-4 mini blinds
Replace and paint dining room
Renovate kitchen
Paint food pantry
Replace living room furniture
Paint all exterior doors (inside & outside) & front porch rails and posts  
Repair leaking faucets in bathroom areas
Take down TV antennae & pole
Pressure wash house 
Replace covers on lights in carport area
Weed flower bed & add pine straw as needed 


Organize/sort clothing donations
Organize/straighten library and playroom (upstairs)
Pressure wash patio brick area

Campus Buildings and Grounds

Weed flower beds and add pine straw  
Fill holes in driveway with mortar mix
Trim limbs and hedges and haul to the burn pile on campus
Clean/organize the barn (or a section of it) & make list of supplies on hand
Change oil & gas filter on Craftsman riding mower                                                                                             
Check out older equipment on back side of tractor shed (2 push mowers, riding mower, & tiller)
Fill sink holes in yard with dirt
Paint mailbox board and post

Farrow Manor Campus, Coldwater

Remove trees blocking colvert to prevent road washing out
Trim shrubs and remove dead trees
Burn pile that needs to be managed during burning
Mowing, weed trimming and weed pulling
Raking leaves
Three generators that need servicing and repair before winter.
Water pipes winterized

Fikes-Gatewood Campus, Louisville

Indoor painting
Outside pressure washing
Clean out storage shed and organize
Clean outside lights and change any bulbs

India Nunnery Campus, Florence

Electricity run to pavilion with fans and lights

Powell-Walley Campus, Waynesboro

Landscaping maintenance

Reedy Acres Campus, Water Valley

Trim on outside of office and cottages painted
Need new floor covering in office and Berry Cottage bought and installed