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Sierra & Austin's Story

Sierra remembers how scared she was of the dogs at night. She learned over time to lay very still, hoping maybe the dogs would go away. It was a miserable life - homeless, hungry, and sleeping on a park bench with her mother and her brother, Austin. They never knew when their next meal would come, so Sierra was always hungry. When it wasn’t too cold, she was able to wash her hair in a city water fountain.This was Sierra’s and Austin’s life.
Fleeing from an abusive husband and father, their mother didn’t have the resources to provide a home and care for them. Not wanting to see Sierra and Austin homeless any longer, she contacted your Baptist Children’s Village. Thankfully, you stepped in and changed their lives forever.
As a prayer warrior and supporter of The Baptist Children’s Village, you provided a loving home for Sierra and Austin. They have gone from a park bench to a soft bed, a water fountain to hot showers, hunger to three good meals a day, and from fear to the assurance that God loves them and will never leave them.
Sierra told us, “I believe coming to The Baptist Children’s Village was a blessing. I see that a lot of situations were God’s way of getting us here.” Today, Sierra and Austin are in school and adjusting well to their new life at your BCV. They attend a local church, go to Sunday School, and are becoming the young woman and man God created them to be. Austin loves art and is developing his talent. Sierra has overcome her fear of animals and hopes to own an animal shelter someday.
As we look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Sierra's life is a beautiful picture of Easter.  She has a new life in Christ. Sierra remember, "I knew I needed God. I knew that the fear that was growin ginside me would continue to grow." 
Sierra understands that Easter is about celebrating a risen Christ. She explains, "It means He is alive and there for you, and knowing that makes me happy." 
Please continue to pray for Sierra and all the children and camilies served by your Baptist Children's Village.  Thank you for making hurting and abused children a priority.  Your gift this Easter will contine making a difference for Sierra, Austin and may others like them.  You are changing lives!
*Photos and names have been changed to protect privacy.