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Kaye's Christmas Story

What does a mother do when she is losing hope and feeling as if the whole world is crashing down around her?

One desperate mother chose to fall on her knees and ask God to help. He answered her prayers through you and your Baptist Children’s Village.

Kaye’s story has a happy ending but she once walked a dark and destructive path. In response to bad relationships and tremendous personal loss, she turned to drugs to numb the pain and escape her life.

Soon Kaye found herself broken, abused, homeless, without transportation, and stealing food to feed her children. She was carrying her last few belongings from place to place in a trash bag. This was the downward spiral Kaye lived daily. She had hit bottom.

But God wasn’t done with Kaye and her boys. There was hope on the horizon.

Desperate to make a new life for her children and herself, Kaye got help for her addiction and began to heal. Through the love and support of friends, she found a job, but it didn’t come close to paying for childcare, food, housing and all the other things her family needed.

Kaye says, “I was beginning to lose hope again. I knew my babies deserved better, but I didn’t want to give them up.”

It was in her desperation that Kaye cried out to God for her children. She went to the internet and typed, “Christian single mothers who need help and don’t want to give away their children.” One search result was The Baptist Children’s Village website. That’s when she contacted our staff to ask for help.

Kaye found help, hope and much more at The BCV. She learned she could place her children with us and not lose custody. She also learned she would be able to have regular visits with them and maintain their relationship. Kaye is thankful to know your gifts provided her children a stable, safe, and loving home until she can bring them home again.

“I’m not sure where my boys would be if it were not for The Baptist Children’s Village. Now, they are happy, healthy and so smart. You have helped us in ways I could have never dreamed possible,” says Kaye.

One special way your gifts helped Kaye and her boys was in providing them a Christmas. Kaye was so thankful for your gifts and meeting their basic needs, but she was deeply moved by the generosity of so many at Christmas.

“It’s hard on a mom knowing she can’t give her children something for Christmas. I had no idea The Baptist Children’s Village would help with that too. You even provided Christmas stockings,” says Kaye.

She is very thankful for everything you’ve done for she and her boys. Using her skills as a hair stylist and make-up artist, she gives back to The BCV by helping our girls at the local campus get ready for special events.

Kaye says, “I will always give back to The Baptist Children’s Village in some way because you were here to help me!”

Your gifts and God’s love changed Kaye’s and her boys’ lives forever. Kaye attended church with her boys and other BCV children and staff, and was baptized there. There are no words I can say that truly communicate the impact you’re having. Thank you!


Sean A. Milner
Executive Director

P.S. There’s a Christian song out now titled Making Diamonds out of Dust. That is what you did in Kaye’s life. Please continue to help others like Kaye. Please give your gift today to meet the daily needs of children, provide Christmas presents, and so much more. Thank you.