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Jenna's Story

You freed Jenna!

Today, Jenna is a beautiful young woman with a lovely smile, bright eyes, and a complexion that rivals any model on the cover of a magazine. She is growing in her faith, finally sees her potential, and is working hard to make her dreams come true. 

Before coming to The Baptist Children’s Village, Jenna’s life was like a caged bird never having the freedom to sing or fly. 

You gave Jenna the opportunity to find her voice and begin to soar. It is your prayers and generous gifts that allowed her and many other children to realize they are the beautiful creation that God designed them to be. 

Initially, life wasn’t easy for Jenna and her siblings. They lived in a home where they witnessed physical abuse and other illegal and immoral behavior on a daily basis. As the oldest, Jenna was forced to take on the role of protector to her mother and her siblings. 

She felt trapped and in many ways, lost much of her childhood.

Even while living in a chaotic and difficult home, Jenna had someone who showed her love and helped bring some relief to her hopelessness and pain. A caring neighbor introduced Jenna and her siblings to a local church. 

It was through the church that Jenna first learned about Christ. It was also this neighbor who helped direct Jenna’s family to The Baptist Children’s Village for help. 

Your investment in Jenna’s life is paying off. 

Every day, Jenna is becoming stronger and more confident. She has dreams of becoming an elementary education teacher and is working hard to achieve her dream. 

Reading and writing are her passions. She attributes her love of reading and writing to a kind and loving first grade teacher, Ms. Johnson, who went above and beyond in Jenna’s life. She wants to be just like Ms. Johnson and make a difference in the lives of other children. 

Jenna, like so many of the children you support at The Baptist Children’s Village ministry, can achieve so much if given the chance. Your prayers and support provide that chance and encouragement along the way. Please know you are making a difference.

In mid-August, Jenna will start college and begin her journey to becoming a teacher while our other BCV kids will be returning to public schools across Mississippi. These kids will need books, backpacks, uniforms for school. 

Please send a gift today. You can ensure all our children have the opportunity to be successful in school and in life. 

We thank you for giving Jenna a place of safety and love where she experiences God’s love, kindness and reassurance. Thank you for setting her free. 

Now she has the freedom to pursue her dreams. Her life will be forever changed because of you.

With Gratitude,

Sean A. Milner
Executive Director

P.S. This school year, you can help another one of our children to meet their Ms. Johnson and see their life forever changed. School is just starting. Please help them be ready by sending a gift today. Thank you!