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Email Scam Alert

In every crisis there are those perpetrators of fraud who raise their heads. It seems our COVID-19 crisis is no different. Some of you may have received an email asking you to purchase gift cards for BCV staff or children through Google. This is a SCAM. Please ignore this even if it comes from someone you know. Fraudsters access names from your contact list so it looks like the request came from your friend. Simply delete the email.

Your Baptist Children’s Village has all its needs and giving options accessible on our website at If ever in doubt, please visit our website and see the giving options we have available there. We most often send email messages in a format in which you with the identifying logo and contact information. You are always welcome to message us through Facebook or give us a call at the office if you have questions.

We are saddened and frustrated that there are those who would prey upon the generosity of BCV faithful friends like yourself. Please be wise and share this warning with your friends and church family so they will also be protected.