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Credits Available for Contributions to Eligible Transitional Housing Organizations (ETHO)

The Baptist Children’s Village

Mississippi 2024 Tax Credit for Businesses, Married Couples and Single Individuals


Here are the steps involved for 2024 if applying for a business tax credit:


1.  Go to the MS DOR website - - or click here to access the application by clicking the “Apply for a Charitable Contribution Credit” link under the Apply Online box.


2.  Once you submit your online application, the MS DOR will send you a letter notifying you as to whether or not your application was accepted (usually within 10 days).  If accepted, you will be given an allocation number and a letter ID number.  These are very important for your tax records, please keep these numbers.


3.  Make your donation to The Baptist Children’s Village.


4.  The BCV will mail you a Proof of Donation letter.  If you would like us to email your Proof of Donation letter to you, please provide written instructions with your donation and be sure to include your email address   


5.  Once you receive your Proof of Donation letter from The Baptist Children’s Village, you need to submit it to the MS DOR.  Go to the MS DOR's website - - or click here, and upload it by clicking Upload Documents and then Upload Requested Documentation.  You will need your letter ID number for this.  You may also simply mail your Proof of Donation (BCV receipt letter) to the MS Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 22828, Jackson, MS 39225.  You may also call us for assistance.  Dial 601.922.2242 and simply ask for help with a tax credit gift.


6.  Always talk to your tax advisor before making any decisions regarding your tax liability.  Please let your tax advisor know you are interested in taking advantage of the tax credit allowed by the Eligible Transitional Home Organization Act §27-7-22.47 of the Mississippi Code Annotated.


7.  If you have already made a donation this year to The Baptist Children’s Village and would like to receive a tax credit, simply follow steps “1”, “2” & “5”.



If you have any questions, please contact Tim McWilliams, BCV Director of Partner Ministries, at 601.952.2422 or