Mother's Day Offering 2017

Dear BCV Friend:

Wow! Mississippi Baptists have been seeking and restoring lost children and broken families for more than a century. The Baptist Children’s Village (then called “The Mississippi Baptist Orphanage”) received its first child on Wednesday, May 12, 1897, and has continued ministering to children and families, uninterrupted, for 120 years.  Join us in celebrating the 120-year anniversary of The Baptist Children’s Village (“BCV”). Throughout this entire year, let us reflect upon, remember and rejoice in God’s faithfulness from the beginning of this ministry.  Here, let us raise our Ebenezer. To God be all glory. Join us at our Facebook Live Event, May 12, 2017 as we celebrate all God has and is doing in your BCV ministry.

Mother’s Day is always a special and very important holiday for your BCV ministry and its children.  In 1967, Mother’s Day was appointed as the time of year in which the BCV could appeal to Mississippi Baptist churches for financial support.  Your response to our appeal has always been extremely generous. Graciously, many local churches begin their Annual Mother’s Day Campaign on Mother’s Day and continue to raise support for the needs of the children through Father’s Day.  Your generosity proclaims an unspoken message of unconditional love, hope and compassion to our children and their families, many of whom have no prior understanding of these terms.

Lett me try to explain this from my own experience. I grew up at the BCV.  My “village” brothers and sisters and I watched our mothers struggle with the reality that they were unable to raise their own children.  Guilt and shame are the unwanted campions of those mothers whose circumstances bar them from raising their own children- whether through circumstances caused by their own decisions, or by the failure of others. We also watched the workers at the BCV.  We watched as they treated our broken mothers with respect, compassion and understanding.  The picture reminds me of how Jesus treated people who found themselves in the prison of their own failings.  The message may be unspoken but it is clearly heard and understood-Amazing Grace.

This Mother's Day, in all of our promotional materials, we are featuring Kim Carpenter's story of God’s miraculous work in her life. God loved and provided for Kim through your BCV ministry in the absence of her mother.

 There are more children who need to see God’s ideal for mothers, and more mothers who need to experience God’s amazing grace.  Please give a generous Mother’s Day gift to the BCV so that more mothers and their children, can find unconditional love, hope and compassion.




Sean A. Milner
Executive Director

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