Letters to you

Friends, here are letters to you that tell the stories of the children we serve and offer an opportunity to get involved in our ministry.  Each story is unique and based on the life of one or more of our residents.  Because of safety and confidentiality reasons in most cases, names and photos are changed to protect the resident(s).  Each child and family matters and we want you to hear their story about how their life has been changed through The Baptist Children's Village ministry. Changing one life...changes generations.

The Story of Liza, Daniel, Alex and Matt November 2015

As the Christmas season approaches, our thoughts turn to families.

Because of your faithful giving, the special children you support at The Baptist Children’s Village have the opportunity to experience the gift of family and the real meaning of Christmas.

Liza, Daniel, Alex and Matt are one of those families.

We diligently try to restore what is broken in the families we serve…to teach, to mentor, to challenge and reunite children with their parents, whenever possible. However, sometimes parents and children can’t be reunited and the best place for that child is living in one of our homes.

This is what Liza and her brothers desperately needed.

A dysfunctional and neglectful home life forced Liza and her brothers to be separated and live in different places. Every aspect of family was taken from them. They didn’t have parents or each other.

These children were moved 10 times in a year. Can you imagine what these children went through? Each one alone…wondering what happened to their brothers and sisters. Thankfully, they were reunited when they came to live at The Baptist Children’s Village.

This is why your continued support is so important. You help reunite siblings like Liza and her brothers  and provide them with loving houseparents, guidance, counseling, food, clothes, school supplies, and many  other basic needs.

Liza and her brothers will be celebrating Christmas together this year…as a family. They will help decorate the tree, read the Christmas story, open presents and enjoy a Christmas dinner around the table.

We are truly grateful for the vital role you play in caring for Mississippi’s hurting and neglected children; and helping to give them joyful Christmas memories. Liza and her brothers would not enjoy a family Christmas together this year without you!

With Gratitude,
Rory Lee

P.S. Liza, Daniel, Alex and Matt are together as a family this Christmas because of you. Please continue to support them and other children who need a safe home, food, clothes, loving houseparents and much more.

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Lauren's Story August 2015

Dear Friend,

Lauren’s one wish today is that no child ever have to experience the pain of a broken home…a pain she knows all too well.

Like many children from broken homes, Lauren had little to no parental involvement or support. Consequently, there came a day when Lauren moved in with her grandmother. This arrangement would prove to be short lived.

Then the musical houses began.

Lauren had several unsuccessful home placements resulting from her behavioral issues. Lauren was struggling with feelings of loneliness, anxiety and anger because of her family circumstances. There seemed to be no escaping the pain. Lauren’s hope of a happy life was dwindling. Then because of your past support, The Baptist Children’s Village was able to give her a chance.

When Lauren first came to The BCV, she continued to struggle with behavioral issues. It was difficult for her to connect with our staff and accept the love and help we were offering her.  It was after the death of her grandmother this past Christmas when Lauren really gave up hope of ever returning to family. Lauren finally understood The Baptist Children’s Village was her best option for a happy and successful life. Lauren slowly began to accept the love we showed her. She wanted our help to make some needed changes.

You would not recognize Lauren today.

She continues to grow and mature and accept appropriate responsibility.  Making education her priority, Lauren is attended summer school to make sure she finishes high school on time. Already, Lauren has set goals for college and a future career. She wants to use her experiences and struggles to help other children like her.

Lauren is starting her senior year soon.  We need your support to give her - and all our children - the chance to overcome their past and plan for a happy, successful future. Your gift will help provide backpacks, books, clothes and cover the cost of other school expenses.  It is always exciting to see how well our children do in school when we give them the tools they need and the chance to excel.

This summer Lauren earned a camp scholarship because of the great improvement she has displayed in and out of the classroom. This sweet girl has a bright future and now she believes it too.

I am also excited to share with you that one of our donors has offered a $50,000 matching gift! This means they will match every gift you give between now and September 1st up to $50,000. Your gift and impact will double. Twice the ministry potential for every dollar given!

We are so thankful that God has provided this tremendous opportunity just when Lauren, along with our other children, are going back to school and have additional needs. As you pray for us, please consider a special gift before September 1st so that its impact can be doubled.

Thank you for the vital role you play in our children’s success. Together, when we change one life, we change generations.

In great appreciation,

Rory Lee
Executive Director

P.S. School is just starting for all our children. Please help provide Lauren and others the tools they
need to be successful. Your gift will now help provide twice as many resources to help children be ready for school. Thank you.