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What We Need

The Baptist Children's Village ministry is blessed by individuals and groups who provide very practical things needed to run and maintain our cottages and campuses. To contact someone about these needs, click the campus name to send an email.  You may also contact Tim McWilliams, Director of Partner Ministries at 601-952-2422.

Campus Needs

Deanash Campus, Wiggins

Air conditioner - $5,000
Electric dryer (used) – for off-duty houseparents - $250
Landscaping – estimate needed

Dickerson Place Campus, Brookhaven

Girl’s cottage kitchen renovation 
Two couches

Farrow Manor Campus, Coldwater

New roof on Dean cottage ($6,000 - $7,000)
Pavilion ($1,500-$2,000).  
Kelly Cottage - Air Conditioner ($1,500 condensing unit)
Air Conditioners – three - $5,000 each
Septic system motor - $350 each
Septic tank maintenance (7) $350 each
Living room furniture 
Dining room furniture

Fikes-Gatewood Campus, Waynesboro

Concrete floors resurfaced – Need quote
Air conditioners - two - $5,000 each

India Nunnery Campus, Florence

Two couches for the boy’s cottage 
Two patio coverings - $4,000

Powell-Walley Campus, Waynesboro

Landscaping maintenance

Reedy Acres Campus, Water Valley

Trim on outside of office and cottages painted.
Need new floor covering in office and Berry Cottage bought and installed.

BCV Statement on Venison Donations:

Over the years, The Baptist Children’s Village has been blessed by the generosity of Mississippi hunters, who have donated venison from their hunts.  The value of their generosity cannot be overstated.  

As most of those hunters are now aware, Mississippi faces a new challenge regarding harvesting and consuming venison.  The emergence of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the northern and western regions of the state has prompted responses by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP) and the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH).  MDWFP has established CWD Management Zones in the affected regions of the state.  Establishing these zones also resulted in the implementation of stringent regulations related to processing venison from deer taken within these Management Zones.  Information regarding these zones and the accompanying regulations can be found on the MDWFP website.

Therefore, The Baptist Children’s Village will now only accept donations of venison harvested and processed in areas of the state outside of the CWD Management Zones.  When venison donations are offered, we will be asking for the Mississippi county from which it was harvested, and where it was processed, before accepting the donation. 

Thank you for understanding our need to implement this new procedure and, consequently, helping us maintain one of the strongest pillars of the child care provided by the BCV – that of protecting the health and safety of the children whom God has entrusted to our care.  

Click here to read the full statement.